Dr. Oyebade Oyerinde
Council Member

Dr. Oyebade Oyerinde earned a joint public policy PhD in public and environmental affairs and political science from Indiana University in 2006 with research interests in public goods provision, community development, sustainable development, environmental policy, institutional analysis, common pool resources, American and international public management, conflict and conflict resolution, federalism, and heterogeneity and cooperation. He studied with Dr, Elinor Ostrom (2009 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and my dissertation chair), Dr. Vincent Ostrom (dissertation committee member), and Dr, Amos Sawyer (former interim president of Liberia and my dissertation committee member). His research topics are social heterogeneity and cooperation, federalism and development, and influences on sustainability. Dr. Oyerinde is an Associate Professor in the Public Administration Department at Clark Atlanta University and has taught a variety of courses including statistics, research data analysis, research methods, environmental economics, economics for public administrators, public finance, American and foreign government.