James Beeks, PhD.
Council Member


Public Policy                                                                                                              
Walden University, Minneapolis, MN, Concentration/U.S. Constitution


Public Administration                                                                                                
Troy State University, Troy, AL, Concentration/Public Policy & Criminal Justice


Strategic Intelligence                                                                                                 
Joint Military Intelligence Institute Graduate School, Washington, DC


University of Maryland Graduate School, College Park, MD


North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC


Areas of Specialization:
Administration of Justice, The U.S. Constitution, Public Policy Administration, & Governance
Criminal Investigations, Organizational Behavior & Intelligence Analysis


I have had opportunities to teach a variety of graduate and undergraduate criminal justice and public administration courses. This included experience as a doctoral mentor and developed course assessment methodologies for graduate and under grad courses. 
My public and academic background has provided me with the inspiration for continued research in constitutional issues and public administration. The embodiment of this concept is rooted in a ‘Native American Philosopher’ described my research approach as first view the topic through the corner of the left eye, then the corner of the right eye and finally through both eyes.  One now has a 350 degree view of the research issue and can apply Boyer’s model to find an application niche. 
Research interest includes ‘Stand Your Ground and Conceal Carry’ legislation that resulted in academic presentations.